Protecting Wildlife

Taronga Legacy Commitment

Australia has lost more mammals to extinction than any other country in the world. We no longer have the luxury of letting nature take its course when it comes to the protection of our native wildlife. As Australia is placed under greater stress due to human impact and climate change our wildlife is in dire need of help.

In 2016, Taronga launched its legacy for the future and for the wild, dedicating the next decade to the conservation of ten critical species, known as our Legacy Species.

Six of these Legacy Species are native to Australia.


Regent Honeyeater

Southern Corrobboree Frog

Marine Sea Turtles


Greater Bilby

These endearing animals whilst iconic to Australia all face an uncertain future. But there is still hope, we believe that together with your help, these species can not only survive, but thrive.

By becoming a Taronga Plogger and raising funds, we can ensure a bright future for Aussie wildlife.

During the Taronga Rubbish Run, we’ll be bringing you exclusive updates and stories from our keepers and scientists about the vital conservation programs that are underway to help save these iconic Aussie animals.

Funds raised from the Taronga Rubbish Run will enable Taronga to continue to protect the future of these six iconic species.

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Every time you participate in a challenge like the Taronga Rubbish Run, or walk through our Zoo gates, you’re actively helping fund wildlife conservation programs both here in Australia and around the world.

You may know us best for our two zoos, Taronga Zoo and Taronga Western Plains Zoo; where we bring people and wildlife together by creating inspiring and educational visitor experiences. But what you see when you visit Taronga is just the tip of the iceberg – it is only one part of The Bigger Picture.

The Taronga Conservation Society Australia employs a 360-degree approach to conservation, working closely with 39 organisations across 18 countries to support wildlife and habitat conservation projects; from community-based conservation of Madagascar’s spiny forest to wildlife protection units on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. In Australia, we conduct ground-breaking breed-for release programs of endangered Australian species like the Regent Honeyeater, Southern Corrobboree Frog, and have helped re-introduce the Greater Bilby to NSW for the first time in over 100 years. Our scientific research is on the cutting edge to help protect wildlife including saving Australian frog species and preserving the genetic diversity of the world’s endangered coral species.

Sadly, the needs of our wildlife are more urgent than ever. We rely on the generous support of philanthropists like you, who want to make a difference.

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