Fundraising Tips

Show You're Committed

  • Kick start your fundraising by donating to yourself. This shows others that you are truly committed to the cause and the challenge. It's a great way to lead by example and also set the benchmark for future donations.
  • People who donate to themselves raise twice as much as people who don’t.

Be loud and proud

  • Let friends, family and colleagues know you've signed up to the challenge - that way, there's no backing out!
  • Share it on your socials, make it your dinner party conversation, be a proud “wildlife warrior”.
  • It’s OK to ask more than once. We all need reminding every now and again. You're doing something great for yourself, and for others, so don't hesitate to follow up people, and remind them to make a donation. Even if you've asked before, people get busy or simply forget.

What to send and share

  • Share the link to your Taronga Rubbish Run page.
  • Use the resources to share on your socials.
  • Explain why you're 'picking it up' – the act of picking up rubbish while being active is eco-friendly and having a big impact for wildlife
  • Explain how their donation will help – Any donation made will allow Taronga to continue to breed threatened species, carry on vital scientific research and deliver conservation programs here in Australia and across the globe. By giving you will inspire others and wildlife needs all the support it can get.