Pick it up one week in May and protect the future of Aussie wildlife

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Taronga Rubbish Run in 2022

Pick it up to protect Aussie wildlife

In 2022, the Taronga Foundation launched the inaugural Taronga Rubbish Run, an event that gets you fitter while picking up litter. Some people enjoy running, while others enjoy picking up litter to help protect the environment. Then there are those wildlife warriors who combine the two and call it PLOGGING!!!

In 2023, Taronga Rubbish Run is back! This year we are once again raising critical funds to help save and protect endangered Aussie wildlife from extinction. Funds raised will also go towards the continuing support of the Taronga Wildlife Hospitals, ensuring the care, treatment and rehabilitation of animals in need.

By signing up or donating, you too can do your bit to help protect native wildlife and support Taronga’s native wildlife conservation programs.

In the battle to protect wildlife, every litter bit counts!!!

#everylitterbitcounts #litterfree23


How it works

Register to become a Taronga Plogger

Sign up as an individual or get a team together. You choose the date in MAY to join our one week fundraising challenge.

Spread the word

Ask your family, friends and colleagues to support your challenge and your commitment to wildlife through a donation.

Get Plogging!

Every day for 7 days, get out, get active and get plogging to protect wildlife!

Plog to protect wildlife!

How you make a difference

Sadly, human impact is damaging our natural environment, with litter directly harming some of our most iconic wildlife including the Marine Turtle and the Platypus. Taronga is committed to reversing these trends.

The funds you raise during the Taronga Rubbish Run will enable Taronga to carry out vital conservation work to save and protect endangered Aussie wildlife from extinction.

Will help our keepers breed these endangered frogs for release back into the wild.

Can help our scientists map & protect vital habitat for endangered Marine Turtles.

Will help Taronga to buy radio trackers for Regent Honeyeaters when they’re released in New South Wales and Victoria.

Will enable Taronga to train vets around Australia on how to treat injured and ill wildlife affected by bushfires, floods and drought.