Dr. Phoebe Meagher

Wildlife Conservation Officer, Taronga Conservation Society Australia

Dr Phoebe Meagher manages Platypus Conservation Programs and has spent countless hours and nights in the field with research teams - standing waist deep in our rivers, catching and studying platypuses - her favourite animal! Spending so much time with platypus and in their habitat, Phoebe has become a champion for protecting it.

"When we are looking to re-introduce platypus back into the wild, like we did at the Royal National Park, we make sure the habitat is suitable to return platypus. Some things that make platypus habitat ideal include; earthen river banks, diverse food availability and clean waterways, free of risk of entanglement or ingestion of litter. We recently re-introduced platypus back into the royal national park where they had been locally extinct for over 50 years. 12 months on, and we have just discovered the platypus are breeding in the park and we have a lovely new young platypus called 'Gilli'. It is so important our waterways stay free of litter and pollution to ensure Gilli and her friends continue to stay happy and healthy in our river systems'.

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Sheridan Morlock

Sheridan Morlock is currently undertaking a double degree in Global Sustainability and Politics at the University of Wollongong.

Growing up in rural Australia, Sheridan was fortunate enough to grow up surrounded by nature which inspired her passion and love for the environment. As a former Miss Earth Australia titleholder, Sheridan has had the opportunity to travel internationally to talk about pressing environmental issues and collaborate with like-minded individuals in the fight against climate change.

Taronga Rubbish Run aligns with Sheridan’s values of climate conservation and protection and she is honoured to be one of the Ambassadors for 2024. She hopes that this event will help bring awareness and action to the ever-increasing threat that rubbish pollution has on our wildlife and inspire others to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


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Everett Yip

I have joined the Taronga Rubbish Run for the last two years to raise funds and “pick it up” for saving endangered Australian wildlife and help protect the environment. It is sad to see how different animals are affected every day from plastic pollution on land, in waterways and in the oceans. I want to save my favourite Aussie animals like platypuses, koalas and much more.

This year on 17th - 19th May, I plan to pick up litter in and around my school, near my martial art studio and whilst on bushwalks. I hope many kids sign up and do this too because the more of us that contribute, the better the chance of us saving more endangered Aussie wildlife. I hope that one day all animals will be saved and that I will have helped to make this happen.

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