Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions our users ask.

The Taronga Rubbish Run combines the act of picking up litter with outdoor exercise to help raise funds for the protection of endangered wildlife.

It’s easy, simply head on over to our sign-up page here.

We welcome participants from all walks of life, wherever you plant your feet. Cleaning up our environment is a global issue that affects wildlife and humanity around the world.

We’d love for you to join us in making the Taronga Rubbish Run a global event that grows year on year! Together, we can all do our part in securing a safe and bright future for wildlife and people.

Sure can! Due to popular demand, we’ll keep the challenge open through the month of May to help you continue to fundraise for wildlife. The more people who participate and help us fundraise, the better the outcomes for endangered species!

Yes, you can. The benefit of this challenge is that just the act of picking up litter makes a difference. However, raising funds whilst doing it adds a whole new level of accomplishment and allows Taronga to continue our vital conservation work. Whether it’s $2 or $2,000 - much like litter - every dollar counts.

We know it’s been a tough couple of years for people and fundraising can be daunting, but you’d be surprised how easy it can be. We’re here to help you on your fundraising journey, so don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected]. You’ll also be supported along the way with special resources, tips and tricks to help you smash your goal.

We’re incredibly grateful for any support. You can make a one-off donation to Taronga here.

Just like litter, ever dollar counts.

Yes, in fact we’d recommend it! We know that having friends, family or colleagues join you in the challenge can help keep you on task, drive your fundraising further and motivate you to achieve more!

You’ll first need to be signed up as an individual. Once you’ve signed up, you can create or join a team from your profile page. On the left-hand column, scroll down to 'Join a Team' and you can select to 'Create a Team' or 'Find a Team' to join!

Your profile page will be open for a few days after the challenge ends to help with any last minute donations. The funds you’ve raised through your individual/team page will automatically be transferred to Taronga.

If you receive any cash donations, please get in touch with us here to discuss.

As for the challenge, we encourage you to keep the 'picking it up' habit going and sign up to receive news from us.

Yes! Donations over $2 Australian Dollars are tax deductible. Taronga is proudly not-for-profit and registered as a DGR business. For more information, please contact [email protected]

Security is an important priority for us and we are committed to protecting your privacy. We use the most up-to-date technology available to protect your personal details. To avoid the risk of computer fraud, your debit/credit card number is not stored in our system at any point in the payment process. Please see our privacy policy for further information. All debit/credit card transactions are encrypted before transmission using 128 bit SSL encryption. Please click on the SSL Seal in the URL area of a participant or team profile page to verify our details.

Our payments are processed using Stripe Payments. Stripe specialises in delivering successful eCommerce payment gateway services to thousands of merchants. Stripe is an international company with a trusted name in eCommerce solutions and is at the forefront of the online payment industry. Processing donations through this platform, we had to ensure we were PCI compliant, which is the utmost level of security when processing payments online.